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If you are not in the texoma / north Texas area try this resource for finding a teacher


I provide Lessons for the Highland bagpipes, Scottish Small pipes and Scottish Border pipes for students of all ages and experience.

Lessons are tailored to each individual and all aspects of piping are covered. Care is given to balance elements such as music theory, instrument maintenance, playing technique, and musical interpretation to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the bagpipe and it’s music.

To arrange Lessons, or if you have any questions about bagpipes, please contact me at the following phone number or email address.
903-819-6346 – mail@richardkean.com

FAQ for Lessons information

What do I need to get started on the bagpipes?
A: All you need is a practice chanter and a notepad for taking notes.

How much do lessons cost?
A: Lessons are $50 and run for 45 min. A discounted rate is given for longer lessons or for buying ten sessions in one payment.

How often should I have a lesson?
A: A beginner should expect to start with one lesson a week to get off to a good start. Experienced players may choose to take advantage of more frequent lessons or commit to the occasional “tune-up” lesson.

How much much time will I need to commit?
A: This question is entirely dependent on how far you want to advance. A successful competition piper needs to start early in life and practice often; whereas someone wishing to play for fun needs only to work as hard as they wish and is not in any way limited by their age. However, achieving a recognizable level of competence on the instrument requires a lot of earnest work and a serious commitment. A good rule of thumb for anyone is to play at least some each day – 15 minutes per day is better than twice that amount in one sitting less often.

When should I purchase a bagpipe?
A: I’ve heard countless answers to this question. A good rule of thumb is 4-6 months or when you have become reasonably comfortable with 4-6 tunes.

I have a physical ailment, will that prevent me from learning?
A: Anyone with a serious ailment should consult their physician before undertaking any form of physical exercise. That said many people with illnesses can benefit from the therapeutic nature of playing the instrument. People with asthma exercise and train their lungs with constant breathing work and someone with arthritis in the hands may find that the exercise keeps the hands loose. However, care must be taken to appreciate your limits and to be reasonable about your expected progress, pushing yourself too hard can be agonizing and ultimately fulfilling.

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